Friday, April 1, 2011


Last night I was supposed to do Yasso's with the group but I am still fighting off a cold and didn't have the energy to expend on them, so I headed out with the group on their warm up portion and left them to do their Yasso's while I headed back.  I only did 6k but in the end I think that was the smart decision.

Distance: 6k
Pace: 6:07/km
HR Avg: 145 bpm

It is interesting to note that my Heart Rate was up despite the easy pace so it does show me that I needed to back off last night.

Last night both girls slept straight through the night which is a a rarity in our household. We probably could count the number of times this happens in a given month on one hand. Usually it is little L crying in the night because of growing pains or nightmares or needing a drink or just needing her mom. The funny thing is I don't feel any more rested this morning and still have a lingering sore throat to contend with. At least I don't have a full blown cold to contend with like my husband does, so I should be grateful.

My husband just got a message from the school asking to speak with us concerning their ability to get R. on and off the bus.  She is considered mobile and can walk up the three steps on the bus, and often does so with great excitement, but doesn't have the coordination to walk down steps. At home we often have to carry her down the stairs which at the moment is still doable but she is getting heavier, 52 pounds to be exact, and she does not provide any support/assistance in the process. Well the school is finally finding it too difficult I guess and have asked if she could come in a wheelchair.  She does have a wheelchair and it actually stays at the school for they put her in it upon coming off the bus and bringing her back to the class because they have to bring a few students back to the class and R's legs don't always cooperate, plus I think her pace might be too slow at times for them. She is not to use the wheelchair during her classtime other than to use it as a seat for we want her to use her legs at every opportunity she can get. Anyways, even if we were okay to use the wheelchair to transport her, she goes to daycare for the afternoon and they are not wheelchair accessible and would not be able to lift the chair down 4 stairs or store it anywhere during the afternoon, so it is not an option.

Since the bus R. is on also supports wheelchairs, I don't understand why they don't use the electronic lift that is on the back to either lower Reilly to the ground so they don't have to lift her out or bring her wheelchair up on the bus and then put her in it and then lower it down.   Duh?   It makes me feel that even though she is mobile it would be 'easier' on everyone if she comes in a wheelchair and stays in a wheelchair until she leaves for the day.

I am told that the aids are not supposed to lift a child above 50 pounds so maybe the alternate solution we should explore is put R. on a diet to lose 2 pounds. LOL. I really should weigh her again for the past couple of weeks she hasn't eaten as much as she normally has so maybe she is back to 50 pounds and then I can let them know she is still within limits. Crazy. 

I know every family has their challenges but sometimes it is these little things that really wear you down or highlight the insanity of our world. In the same breath though I know things could be worse and need to keep reminding myself of that.


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